Setting an Intention


We will begin with an intention setting meditation which guides you through setting a sankalpa (an intention or resolve) for your practice. Once you create your intention, continue to use it before your practice each day. You will repeat the sankalpa three times silently at the beginning of your practice and then call it to mind again at the end of your practice. This repetition plants a seed for self-transformation deep within your mind to assist you on your path towards healing. At some point in the future, you may feel the need to change the sankalpa if it has come to fruition or you are not resonating with it any longer. Then it would be appropriate for you to go through this meditation again. 


Begin sitting in a comfortable seated position with the palms resting together at the heart. Feel the breath gently directed into the chest which will encourage your deepest wish for self-transformation to arise. Bring to mind the current challenges that you are facing. Without dwelling on the details, recognize that all challenges are opportunities for personal growth and healing. Perhaps your current challenges have already set the stage for transformation in your life. Continue to visualize this challenging situation and hold it within the space of the heart, releasing any feelings of judgment or blame if they arise.

Begin to visualize the best possible outcome for the challenges you are facing. If any thoughts of doubt begin to arise, redirect the mind towards receptivity and the positive resolution of your current situation. Whatever steps need to be taken, imagine taking them with self-confidence bringing this outcome into reality. 

Trust that you have the strength, courage and ability to bring the imagined positive outcome into reality. Be confident that you can create your own reality based on your visualization. Allow your intention to coalesce into a short simple statement phrased in the present tense beginning with the words "I am ...". State it silently three times. Trust that your sankalpa will manifest with patience and repetition and repeat it mentally before each yoga practice. Take a few more breaths to firmly implant this heartfelt wish into your consciousness.  


It may be helpful for you to write down your intention somewhere where you will see it regularly so you do not forget it. It is recommended that you keep the same intention until it has come to fruition or you feel the need to work with a different resolution.


  • Did you choose a sankalpa that directly relates to your cancer diagnosis? Note that it does not necessarily need to.
  • What would it feel like if your sankalpa came to fruition?
  • How will you know if you need to create a new sankalpa?

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