Mahasirs Mudra for Sinus Congestion

Today take 5 minutes to practice Mahasirs Mudra, a mudra that eases sinus congestion and over-active thoughts. It draws energy down from head, and draws awareness inward.

You Will Need:

  1. A chair or way to sit comfortably

‚ÄčMudras are hand positions that work with the natural energy vortices located in the palms of the hands and fingers. When we place the fingers together to create certain shapes, we redirect this energy back into the body. Think of it as creating antennae with your hands. Mudras can bring focus and attention to certain areas of the body through breath awareness, they can also have an immediate effect on the emotions. Think of them as a remote control that maintains balance between the elements and directs prana through the nadis and chakras.

Mahasirs Mudra (Mudra of the Great Head)

  1. Curl ring finger into palm
  2. Bring together tips of thumb, index & middle fingers
  3. Extend the little finger. 
  4. Rest hands with palms up.

Things to Ponder:

  • Notice how Mahasirs Mudra makes you feel.
  • Do you notice any relief from sinus congestion?
  • Do you notice any relief from an overactive mind?

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