What are Chakras?

The Chakra System:

What are Chakras?

The chakras are seven subtle wheels of energy that line up along the center of the body from the pelvic floor to the crown of the head. The energy of the body runs along this vertical axis and every physical, mental and emotional complaint can be related to either an excess or lack of energy in one of the chakras. In an optimum state, energy would flow freely through all of the chakras however, most of us have blockages in certain chakras that change as we move through the different phases of life.

Think of the chakra system as a way to organize your body-mind-spiritual self. Working individually with each chakra is a wonderful way to create deep and lasting awareness of your tendencies and transform your relationship with your well-being. Even though these potent points are not visible to the naked eye, if we look at the many pathways in the physical body, they can be seen as roundabouts where there are thickening lines of connective tissue, placement of endocrine glands, and nerve plexi that act as a roadmap for the many systems of the body to communicate with one another. Chakras act as energy transducers that maintain balance in the subtle energies of the body and nervous system.

While we will be looking at each one individually, that only tells part of the story; the chakras work together as a system, keeping the physical body, nervous system, mind, emotions, habits, and thought patterns in balance. The seven main chakra points that we will explore in this course are shown in the image below and are typically numbered from the bottom to the top - the first charka being at the base of the spine connecting us to the earth and the seventh chakra at the crown of the head connecting us to universal consciousness.

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