How to Use This Course

Your Amazing Journey of Self-Discovery

This unique course is a deep dive into the seven sacred energy centers of the body. Through self-assessment quizzes, readings, movement, mudra, breath, yoga nidra, sound, color, visualization, meditation you will thoroughly explore each chakra and better understand where your energy is open, where it is blocked - and most importantly - what you can do about it. This course will benefit everyone, no matter where you are on your journey towards self-realization and fulfillment, whether you are a yoga practitioner or a yoga teacher, this course is chock-full of experiences and knowledge.

Your Course Contains:

It has taken me over a year to perfect this offering and it is the only course that goes this deep, yet is this accessible to students of all levels. The Exploring Your Chakras course includes:

  1. Four full-length yoga class videos for each chakra (that's 28 classes in total) enabling you to fully immerse yourself in the practical application of yoga for the chakra system. For each chakra enjoy the following classes:d
  • Restorative Yoga - Gentle supported poses using lots of props for comfort
  • Gentle Yoga - A beginner-friendly yoga class including some chair, some floor and some standing.
  • Adaptive Yoga - A class that combines movement, mudra, breath and mindfulness (my signature class)
  • Beyond the Basics - An intermediate movement class
  1. Seven 40-minute Subtle Practice video mini-lesson for each chakra exploring mudra, pranayama, mantra, yantra, and sound.
  2. A special Yoga Nidra audio meditation for each chakra that brings all the imagery and wonder of the chakras together for an amazing meditation experience, plus a bonus Yoga Nidra for the Chakras meditation that guides you through balancing the entire system.
  3. Six video mini-lessons on the Granthis, or knots in the chakra system that keep us stuck in repetitive and unhelpful behaviors. These practices include bandha, mudra, and asana.
  4. Seven downloadable Chakra Yantra coloring book sheets allowing you to mindfully create art based on the sacred image for each chakra.

Add-ons to Make your Experience Richer:

  1. 8 x 30-minute private yoga therapy sessions enabling you to personalize your course experience - $340 (30% off regular price)
  2. Chakra Balancing Reiki Session schedule a special 60-min Zoom session where Cheryl uses a crystal grid and pendulum to bring balance to your entire energetic system - $110 (26% off regular price)
  3. Chakra Crystal Set includes a semi-precious polished gemstone for each chakra plus a piece of clear quartz in a beautiful velvet bag - $25 while supplies last
  4. Chakra Stone Necklace is a simple and elegant necklace with a semi-precious gemstone representing each chakra includes garnet, carnelian, citrine, aventurine, lapis lazuli, and amethyst - $45 while supplies last
  5. Lava Bead Locket with Chakra Essential Oils set includes seven vials of Cheryl's proprietary chakra blends, a silver-toned locket, and seven color-coordinated lava beads that hold a drop of the oil to create a personalized wearable diffuser - $60 while supplies last

How to Get the Most out of Your Course:

KEEP YOUR SELF-DISCOVERY QUIZ HANDY. Keep your answered quiz handy so you can see how each chakra stands alone as well as how each chakra influences the ones around it. One idea is to answer the whole self-discovery quiz before you start the course, then answer the questions again after each section to see if your answers have changed.

TAKE YOUR TIME. Give yourself ample time to experience all of the material in the course. I suggest taking one week to one month for each chakra. There is so much to unpack and learn about ourselves with each energetic center and rushing through the course limits its benefit.

PRACTICE THE CLASSES MORE THAN ONCE. Every time you step onto your mat, YOU are different so it works best to use the classes multiple times before you move on to the next chakra.

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